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Yuko Permanent Straightening Services

Permanent Hair Straightening
We are one of only a few salons in Nottinghamshire who specialise in this incredible advanced straightening system.  We are also highly competitive in our pricing.

This original, thermal straightening system restructures the hair's internal bonds to give clients permanently straight, smooth and shiny results. This special straightening process utilises collagen, silk proteins and keratin.

Yuko products have been developed with a philosophy of making the hair not only beautifully glossy, straight and healthy-looking on the outside, but also restoring the hair and making it healthier on the inside.
Starting with Phiten’s special Aqua Gold technology, and subsequently developing a range of products that together would form the Yuko straightening process, including the Yuko Iron, the result was a revolution in the beauty industry.

Having gained huge popularity in Japan, Yuko services spread to America and London and continues to grow worldwide.




A New Generation of Anti-Frizz Treatment

 Anti-Frizz by YUKO is the newest, innovative Japanese anti frizz treatment that will semi permanently smooth away frizz and make hair more manageable and healthy looking.

This technologically advanced formula was created by YUKO, the Pioneers of Thermal hair straightening. Now Yuko presents a new anti-frizz treatment, featuring breakthrough ingredients, to control and improve hair texture. Combined with a unique blend of natural ingredients from silk, soy and wheat, in 4 quick easy steps,

Anti-Frizz by YUKO will safely smooth away frizz and seal in nutrients for a healthy, shiny finish. 


photography by Robert Hodges hair by Kirsty Minion of Turning Heads Mapperley Nottingham  Emily's hair has been straightened with yuko permanant straightening to create a super sleek straight style and a full bang fringe was cut in to give a more cutting edge look
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